Included in an Energy Fitness membership are two free sessions
with a personal trainer.

In the first session, you will sit down with your trainer to discuss your personal health and fitness history, lifestyle habits and behaviours, knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and fitness goals. In the second session, your trainer will bring you into the gym to show you machines and exercises that will be beneficial for you. These sessions are optional, but they are a great resource for anyone looking to create or improve their fitness routine!


Arrange additional personal training
on your terms.

Our certified personal trainers are committed to helping you reach all your fitness goals. That means they're here for you when you need them - whether that's once a month, once a week, or once a day!

Personal training is beneficial in several ways. Here are just a few of the most important ones:

  • Your personal trainer will help you devise a routine that is tailor made for you and your goals. You won't have to follow a "one-size-fits-all" approach to exercise!
  • If you have difficulty getting to the gym on a regular basis, having scheduled appointments with your trainer will help you stick to your exercise plan.
  • Your personal trainer will teach you proper form for every exercise you do, which means you'll get the maximum benefit from each exercise while minimizing your chance of injury.
  • When you hit plateaus, your trainer will be there to motivate you and help you change your routine to overcome the plateau.
  • Personal trainers are good for more than just exercise plans - they also have knowledge of nutrition and can answer many of your questions about diet, supplements, and more!

If you think personal training might be for you, take a look at our pricing below.

Introductory Package
For first-time clients only
Three 1-hour sessions
$129 + tax

1 Personal Training Session
For those times you just need a refresher
1 hour
$50 + tax

24 + 2 Session Bundle
Get two free sessions!
$1200 + tax

12 + 1 Session Bundle
Get one free session!
$600 + tax



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