Energy Cycling Club

While the Energy Cycling Club (ECC) is not directly associated with Energy Fitness Studio, many of our members have joined and enjoyed their time in the ECC! Please read on for a description taken from the ECC website, or click here to visit their website directly.

Energy Cycling Club is a not-for-profit association affiliated with the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA). Our Board of Directors, elected by our members at the Annual General Meeting, provides policy direction to our members. Other important volunteers who facilitate the workings of ECC include coaches, experienced ride leaders, instructors and social committee members.

We represent the full range of disciplines including road, mountain biking and cyclocross. ECC is the cycling club for all levels and abilities who share a love and commitment to cycling, racing and improving good health.

We have been the primary organizer of youth cycling and racing in the Niagara area and continue to foster our premier youth cycling development program. ECC is a club for people who enjoy the physical, mental and social aspect of riding.
— ECC Website